The Juicer

2 thoughts on “The Juicer”

  1. CAROLINE! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! last year when my dad got diagnosed with a pre-stage diabetes, we bought a juicer to try and help him eat more healthy and combat all the years of eating things that were bad for him. Not only did he start to feel a lot a better but he also lost unwanted weight! So maybe you could make a post about what recipes you’re using? 🙂 xx Rachel


    1. Definitely. I will be posting more stuff soon. In the mean time here are some of the books I have found most useful.
      The Big Book of Juices by Natalie Savona
      The Juice Solution by Erin Quon and Briana Stockton
      The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing by Mimi Kirk.
      These are the three books that I found the most informative. They also (not surprisingly) had the best recipes.


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